Follow the Monsters: the final task

To coincide with our August Bumper Summer Book O’ Fun issue, we challenged CR readers to find five of Stefan G Bucher’s Monsters which were secreted about the CR website.

If you have reached this page it either means that (a) you have found all five or (b) you cheated, but you wouldn’t do that would you?

You should now have five letters. Re-arrange them into a word (Clue: it relates to our prize, an Olympus µTough-6020 camera). The first person to post the correct word in the comments below wins the camera. All comments are moderated before they go up so we can see at what time the comment was made and will award the prize to the earliest one submitted.

Please include a live email address so that we can reach you. If you do not include your email address the prize will go to the next person who posts the correct word and supplies their email address

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