Fomu's diagonally sliced wordmark rendered in pale yellow against a very deep brown background

Fomu’s branding eschews obvious references

Antwerp’s photography museum has launched a new identity that visualises its ambitions to challenge perspectives

Fomu is Antwerp’s leading photography museum, currently hosting the Barbican’s touring exhibition Re/Sisters and a Dirk Braeckman show, before a Cindy Sherman retrospective takes over in the autumn.

The museum needed a new visual identity that would help it stand out among its peer institutions, so it turned to Belgian creative studio Mutant, which specialises in projects in the cultural sphere.

Keen to avoid predictable camera-related symbols like viewfinders or lenses, the team decided to use the branding to skew expectations and perspectives, just like the museum aims to do in its programming.

Outdoor poster for Fomu museum featuring its diagonally sliced wordmark

As such, the wordmark is sliced on the diagonal, which comes to life through motion design, creating the impression of a lens being shattered “to make way for a new vision with a less literal approach”, explains the agency.

The team was interested in bringing the institution closer to the photographers and artists themselves through the visual identity, which engages and intertwines with the work rather than simply framing it, helping to assert and symbolise Fomu’s presence in the photography community.

Fomu cafe menu featuring the museum's diagonally sliced wordmark rendered in blue
Fomu's library space as seen through transparent doors featuring Fomu's diagonally sliced wordmark