Food Banks During Covid-19 by Charlie Clift

Honourable Mention – Personal

When Covid-19 hit Britain and the nation was put into lockdown, the effect on businesses, livelihoods and the economy was dramatic. Food banks across the nation saw a marked surge in demand. Photographer Charlie Clift documented London food banks’ response to the crisis, using his camera to tell a story of the volunteers helping those in need.

Clift spent time photographing at both the South London Warehouse Food Bank and the Bonny Downs Food Bank in Newham for this project. He spoke with visitors to the food banks about their experiences, which were complex. For example, a skilled healthcare worker employed by a private company explained how she was unable to work during the pandemic due to health reasons, meaning her income disappeared overnight. “I want to work, but I have no prospect of getting a salary until there’s a vaccine,” she told Clift. “When I was at a low ebb, the fact that someone had put so much thought into a food parcel touched me, it really and truly did.”

Photographer: Charlie Clift
Special thanks to the South London Warehouse Food Bank and to the Bonny Downs
Food Bank