Food for thoughts

Next time you’re preparing for that killer pitch, you might do well to lay off the biscuits and bring along a nice plate of chicken to the brainstorming session instead…

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Charity Ads: A More Mature Approach?

Kids Company by AMV.BBDO. Art direction/ design: Paul Cohen. Copy­writer: Mark Fairbanks. Photography: Thom Atkinson
The unscrupulous among the advertising community have often tended to look upon charity accounts less as an opportunity to help those in need and more as a chance to help themselves. Is a more mature approach emerging?

Sam Potts

Design fit for superheroes and other stories: Patrick Burgoyne meets well-read New York designer Sam Potts

Kari Piippo in Chaumont

Lahti Poster Museum 1975-1990 anniversary poster, 1990
Opening tonight at Les Silos at the Maison du livre et de l’affiche in Chaumont, France is an exhibition of posters by the Finnish graphic designer, Kari Piippo.

Next Year’s Colour?

According to Pantone, next year’s colour is Mimosa or, PANTONE® 14-0848, as it’s known to its friends..

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