Fortnum & Mason: Christmas Hampers campaign copy

Category: Writing; Entrant: Otherway

Fortnum & Mason commissioned Otherway to take the heritage brand’s iconic hampers out to the wider world, keeping them at the centre of Christmas gifting while reinforcing the company’s sustainability message to a new, more socially conscious consumer. Its aim was to be “more relevant, to more people, more often”.

Copywriting was placed at the heart of the work, so it was important to have Fortnum’s jaunty, friendly and helpful tone of voice front and centre. The copy was light and playful. To further aid brand recognition the campaign was steeped in the brand’s eau de nil colour, though it eschewed the traditional wordmark in favour of the iconic F&M hamper image.

Otherway’s campaign built on the brand’s reputation for flawless service. And it paid off, with Christmas trading reports seeing an 8% increase in total sales from the previous year, and a 29% increase from pre-pandemic levels, with the majority being hampers.

Fortnum & Mason: Christmas Campaign
Category: Writing
Entrant: Otherway
Agency: Otherway