Four fonts walk into a bar…

Illustrator Andy Smith has created a range of joke-themed prints, books and coasters for a new solo show at Bristol’s Soma Gallery

Illustrator Andy Smith has created a range of joke-themed prints, books and coasters for a new solo show at Bristol’s Soma Gallery.

Smith has worked on campaigns for Cadbury, Sony, Orange, Penguin and the Guardian and specialises in cheerful typographic illustrations with a hand drawn feel. He came up with the idea for his latest exhibition while designing the cover of a children’s joke book for MacMillan.

“Flicking through all these cheesy puns and one liners, it occurred to me that they’d make great prints – I really like the way they are very sharp and succinct in their delivery and how they play with words,” he says.

“I’ve tried to use old ones that we’ve all heard before and that are familiar to us. Even though they are obvious, it’s difficult not to smile a little,” he adds.

Most of the works on display are available to buy at Soma Gallery’s online shop – including a set of coasters featuring a range of ‘walked in to a bar’ jokes.

The show is open until April 19 at 4 Boyces Avenue, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4AA and you can see more of Smith’s work on his website – or read our post on his previous Soma exhibition, Sunny Side Up, here.

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