Celebrating the power of trees with photography and poetry

An ongoing collaboration between photographer Harry Borden and writer Mireille Thornton aims to highlight the significance of trees and woodlands

All images from 4 Hugs Wide by Harry Borden and Mireille Thornton

The project, named Four Hugs Wide, draws on Harry Borden’s photography and Mireille Thornton’s poetry to paint a picture of the relationship between people and trees.

The pair approached everyone from a beekeeper to a ballet teacher, as well as farmers, artists, health workers and healers to gather the different ways that trees appear in and influence their lives, whether as a source of income, inspiration, or respite.

Install view image © Tom Skipp courtesy Jack Arts

The work has been part of a recent outdoor display in Bristol (orchestrated by the Build Hollywood family of Jack Arts, Jack and Diabolical), which was also the site of Chris Hoare’s photography series Growing Spaces exploring the role of allotments and urban gardening among Bristol’s communities throughout lockdown.

Although Four Hugs Wide long predates the pandemic, the projects underscore the value so many people recognise in the natural world, which has only increased during the past 18 months.