Francois Prost’s photo stories put a new twist on everyday banalities

François Prost’s new show at Superette gallery in Paris spotlights the beauty of everyday scenes across France, from tourists flocking to the Champ Elysées to the sleepy façades of nightclubs in the daytime

French graphic designer and art director Francois Prost is best-known for his branding work for companies such as Paris-based Galeries Lafayette and his time Benetton’s creative think tank Fabrica. In Prost’s spare time, however, he has spent the last four years building up a collection of photos that examine the more banal side of life in France.

Prost’s Photo Stories series began with a project called After Party that involved him photographing the facades of nightclubs in the cold, harsh light of day. He got the idea for the project while on a cycling trip with a friend along the Canal du Nivernais. On one of the days he happened to stop in the car park of a nightclub called Attitude while waiting for his friend to catch up, and felt compelled to take a photo.



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