Freestate/Fallon: Sony exhibition stand

Freestate created this mammoth Sony stand for the ifa trade show, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade event, which recently took place in Berlin

The stand aimed to introduce Sony’s latest products to visitors, but also promote the company as a whole by creating an exciting and immersive experience. The word ‘stand’ seems inadequate to describe the install­ation, which took place in a 50,000 square foot exhibition hall. From the outset, Freestate wanted it to be an unusual experience. “We wanted it to be the opposite of the usual trade thing that batters you with information and then tries to guide you in a certain direction,” explains Freestate’s creative director Adam Scott. “We wanted to let you go wherever you wanted, to create a natural space where you can relax, but which is offering you stuff.”

Scott was inspired by Sony’s recent advertising campaigns and wanted to create some of the “playful and intriguing” effects seen in ads such as Balls and Paint. The central space of the stand was filled with a forest of white trees and approximately every eight minutes (apparently the average time a visitor stays in such a space) a projected sun rose and fell over the forest, complete with natural sounds of crickets, electrical storms and rolls of thunder. As each sun set, exclusive vj sets by D-Fuse and Hexstatic were played across the walls of the space. These sets were conceived by ad agency Fallon, which created eight different films, with each one focusing on a theme based on the new Sony products.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, Freestate also introduced other elements into the space, such as projected shadows and flash mobs, to increase the sense of uncertainty as to what was real. The stand was a huge success, with many visitors staying in the space to hang out and watch all the films, apparently.

Exhibition design: Freestate
Freestate creative director: Adam Scott
Freestate managing director: Ben Johnson
Creative content: Fallon London
Fallon creatives: Mark Elwood, Omar Karim
Photograph: James MacCauley


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