Friday Round-Up

It’s Friday afternoon, you’re killing a bit of time by WILF-ing around the net, here’s a few nice projects landing in our in-box this week…

It’s Friday afternoon, you’re killing a bit of time by WILF-ing around the net, here’s a few nice projects landing in our in-box this week…


1. The Instacritique Work System: Created by Mother for the ANDY’s, load up your work for an instant assessment from a distinguished ANDY judge, Just click here


2. Shakespear Design in Buenos Aires developed this visual identity programme for the Temaiken Zoo. The name comes from the language of the Tehuelche, an indigenous race that lived in Patagonia: Tem means earth and aikèn, life.


3. New campaign from BETC EURO RSCG for French outdoor clothing brand, Aigle feature men and women blending in to natural habitats so naturally, thanks to their Aigle gear, that, at a glance, you could almost mistake them for animals. Photographer: Paul Wakefield. Art Director: Florence Bellisson. Copywriter: Valérie Chidlovsky


4. Powerful Red Cross anti-landmine ad (top) plus more for an anti-passive smoking campaing and for the WWF from Armando Testa in Italy.
Creative Director: Michele Mariani
Photographer:Alessandro Dallafontana
Art director: Davide Pallavicini
Copywriter: Viviana Bruno

Passive Smoke
Creative director: Michele Mariani
Photographer :Alberto Ciavarella
Art director :Davide Pallavicini
Copywriter: Viviana Bruno

Creative director: Michele Mariani
Illustrator : Davide Pallavicini
Art director :Davide Pallavicini
Copywriter: Viviana Bruno


5. Paul Alderman of The Gate wrote these ads for Recovering Workaholics, who run a course that helps people achieve a greater work/life balance. Which we could all do with…

More from CR

Hewlett Creates A Buzz for Jimmyjane

Here at CR we regularly get bombarded with news of the latest “designer collaboration”. Radios, cars, Coke bottles… all have recently been sprinkled with a little designer fairydust courtesy of an overimaginative PR company and a designer with a mortgage to pay and a somewhat elastic notion of the term “selling out”. But this one’s a doozy. Jamie Hewlett, he of Tank Girl and the Gorillaz, has applied his distinctive graphic stylings to a range of celebrity-endorsed vibrators.

Passion: Sony Play-Doh No Rip Off

Detail from a 2002 panoramic by Kozyndan. Passion deny that this was the inspiration for the new Sony Bravia spot
Passion Pictures MD, Andrew Ruhemann has strenuously denied that his production company “ripped off” LA illustrators Kozyndan over Play-Doh, the new Sony Bravia commercial. In a phone call to Creative Review today, Ruhemann says of the Kozyndan work (detail shown above), “Nobody here ever saw it. It never formed part of the reference material and no-one from Gorgeous or Fallon showed it to us.”

Richard Hawley singing avatar

Corporation Pop’s Dom Raban talks us through the making of a Second Life avatar for the musician Richard Hawley

Art On 4 Wheels

An illuminated metallic fish based on a Nissan Micra, a fire-breathing fire engine named Gladys and a musical milk float … it’s the Blackpool Art Car Parade.

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Fushi Wellbeing

Creative Designer

Monddi Design Agency