From My Window helps explain lockdown to kids

R/GA London has created an illustrated story that narrates lockdown through the eyes of a cooped up chick, in a bid to help children find some positivity during quarantine

Available as a digital storybook and an animation, narrated by the children of R/GA’s creatives, From My Window is designed to help kids understand what’s going on during lockdown.

It’s told from the perspective of a chick stuck in a coop – something many of us can relate to right now – and wondering why the world outside has gone so quiet. But it doesn’t dwell too long on the unsettling side of quarantine, instead focusing on the positives – people having fun at home, doing responsible social distancing in the supermarkets, and the hero healthcare workers looking after us all.

According to R/GA, the story started as an internal project to help the parents in the company explain the situation in a more optimistic way, with language that’s easy for children to understand.

R/GA London creative director Igor Pancaldi created the illustrations, while senior copywriter James Greening handled the words.

From My Window might be aimed at children, but there’s a reassuring message in there, however old you are. It’s something that’s sorely needed at a time like this.