Fundamentally PSB

Often tour programmes for bands follow a magazine format, bringing together images and articles from various sources. Farrow’s programme for the Pet Shop Boys’ current Fundamental tour, however, consists of text and images commissioned specially for it


Open the fluoro yellow, typographic cover and the first half of the 48 page book, on a light purple matt stock is devoted to a text piece by Chris Heath, based around an interview with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, in which they discuss the Fundamental album, touring in general and the new show. The second half of the programme uses a glossier stock and words are replaced by the images of photographer Tim Gutt – pictures taken in Barcelona in September which document the preparation for and performance of PSB’s Fundamental show.

“This book was always intended to feel like a stand-alone project,” explains Farrow’s Gary Stillwell. “Hence the specially-commissioned content.”


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