Futr’s new identity puts a human face on AI

Lantern has rebranded chatbot company Futr to focus less on the technology, and more on the “emotional benefits” it offers

The identity revolves around Futr’s new winking face logo, which will also appear as the friendly avatar alongside messages exchanged with the company’s chatbots. Futr allows companies to have AI-powered conversations with customers – automatically answering queries where it can, and passing anything else onto a real person.

According to the company its services have proved particularly popular during Covid-19, as brands are dealing with a much higher level of customer questions than normal. However Futr says its chatbots can also be used for more everyday purposes, for example asking your local authority when bin day is.

Lantern’s identity is intended to step away from the “abstract shapes and chat bubbles” that are found across the tech sector. According to the studio, the palette of yellow, pink and green is a deliberately optimistic choice, that helps set Futr apart from the “corporate teal” of its competitors. The sans serif font is Telegraf, from Pangram Pangram Foundry.

Lantern also hosted a series of workshops to develop a punchier, more straightforward approach to Futr’s messaging – emphasising the “emotional benefits” the technology offers. Phrases such as ‘automagical chatbots’ and ‘manage sick days without the headache’ certainly do the trick, although there’s a touch of Skynet about something like ‘imagine a police force with an instant response time’.

Considering there’s still some discomfort around the thought of artificial intelligence, and how much it’s infiltrating our lives, Futr’s new identity goes some way towards humanising the technology.