Trends report offers reasons for cautious optimism in 2021

The annual Future 100 report is out, and demonstrates how the pandemic has prompted a wave of creative responses that are likely to influence our world long into the future. Emma Chiu highlights some key points

2020 turned convention on its head, prompting society and businesses to adapt in order to survive the challenges of a global pandemic, writes Emma Chiu, global director at Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, the agency behind the Future 100 report. Enter 2021 and everything feels, well, pretty much the same. But smart pivots by industries and brands are laying the foundations for long-term success and providing a glimpse of a post-pandemic era that looks (dare I say it) optimistic.

The resilience of individuals throughout the pandemic and financial recession has given rise to a startup boom. Last year saw more people file new business applications in America and the UK by the autumn than in previous years. Lockdown has given much needed incubation time for those with an entrepreneurial spirit to craft their business plans and take the leap.


Milton Keynes