Gaka promo by Rakudasan

Now here’s a thing to brighten up your day: Rakudasan’s new video for 16-piece instrumental band, Gaka

Now here’s a thing to brighten up your day: Rakudasan’s new video for 16-piece instrumental band, Gaka…

It features an array of silver leggings and real-time slow motion – not to mention a host of live action pantomime tricks – which go some way to explain what Rakudasan’s self-styled “Surrealistic Synchronization” method is all about.

For the Gaka track, Tsuchinoko, the directing team enlisted the performing talents of the Maimuima troupe, who run, jump, twist and gurn their way through this immensely charming video, all shot in-camera.

“Gaka’s jam music and pantomime are not related,” say Rakudasan, “but we combined them to create this music video. This is our style.”

We like that style very much, Rakudasan.

Tsuchinoko by Gaka
Director: Rakudasan
Photographer: Atsuhiro Shirahata
Performer: Maimuima
Special thanks to Yusuke Nomiyama

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