Gary Krueger’s images show the stranger side of LA

A San Diego exhibition of Krueger’s LA street photography emphasises his ability to capture what he calls “split-second juxtapositions in life”

The show – hosted at Joseph Bellows Gallery – brings together work shot in the city during the 70s and 80s, with an emphasis on some of the more unusual scenes the photographer captured at the time. As you’d expect from LA, there are images of hopeful actors and performers aplenty, but there’s also some more bizarre moments recorded on film.

In one of Krueger’s photographs, a bikini-clad woman rides a coin-operated horse while a pair of black trousered legs jut inexplicably into the frame. In another, a man in a banana suit and roller skates takes what must be a much-needed rest by the side of the road.

Often, the images are tinged with sadness – for example a shot of a dejected clown, stood by himself, or a lone bear at the Los Angeles Zoo, sat beneath the shadows of a crowd of onlookers.

The exhibition spans a decade of work by Krueger – who briefly worked for Disney’s ‘Imagineering’ division, before focusing on commercial and editorial photography – and is a reminder of street photography’s ability to document the endearingly weird moments of daily life.

Gary Krueger’s City of Angels, 1971-1980 is on display at Joseph Bellows Gallery until 19 March;