This is a generic millennial ad

Stock film and photography company Dissolve has created this brutal but brilliant short film, which slams marketing clichés around millennials.

This is A Generic Millennial Ad

Millennials, eh? They are every marketer’s dream and don’t all of us know it. If you’re weary of the many ad clichés associated with this generational group (which I can imagine most millennials themselves might be), you’ll find a lot to love in this film from stock company Dissolve.

The clever (if ever-so-slightly too long) film takes aim at all the motifs we associate with millennials, from their love of dancing (all the time) and hashtags to their passion for new technology and political protest.

This Is A Generic Millennial Ad
This Is A Generic Millennial Ad
This Is A Generic Millennial Ad
This Is A Generic Millennial Ad

The ad follows other ‘generic’ films from Dissolve including This Is A Generic Brand Video and This Is A Generic Presidential Campaign Ad. As in these previous films, all the footage featured is created and sold by Dissolve, meaning that while the company is mocking you for using such clichés, they are simultaneously selling them to you. Yes, they’re #BoldLikeThat.

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