How to get your in-house creative team talking the language of business

In-house teams often struggle to convey the true value of what they contribute. In-house expert Emma Sexton suggests three ways to help an organisation see that the value of design goes way beyond ‘making it look pretty’

Designers get obsessed with the detail and this becomes the only way we know how to talk about our work and our craft. We are in awe someone’s layout consideration, the visual elements and clever details in that logo mark. We are thoughtful and considered – yet the client doesn’t really care about any of this, and nor should they. Those details are only important and appreciated by us. What the client appreciates is how have you applied all those design skills and considerations to have an impact on their work and achieve the outcomes set aside in the brief? Is your design contributing to their business success? Those are the really powerful design conversations, which enable the client to value the impact of your craft.