Getting signed: advice from photographers’ agents

Wyatt-Clarke & Jones co-founder James Gerrard-Jones and We Folk agent Rose Clayton share some wise advice on getting signed, developing your practice and the key to a happy photographer/agent relationship

What’s the best way to approach an agent? Where are agents looking for talent? And what are they looking for? As part of our Photo Week special, we asked two agents – Rose Clayton at We Folk and James Gerrard-Jones at Wyatt-Clarke & Jones – for their advice. Here, they share some tips for presenting your work, getting noticed and building a positive relationship with your agent. They also discuss some of the major challenges facing agents and photographers – and the perils of following trends and avoiding the “one brilliant project syndrome”…

Creative Review: As an agent, what are you looking for in a photographer’s portfolio – what does their work have to have to make you think, ‘I’d like to represent this person?’