Photo of a person wearing a green jacket featuring the new GHTK branding, including a white uppercase wordmark and a smiling cartoon mascot wearing a cap. Some of the details, like the logo on the jacket, feature motion blur

GHTK’s rebrand nods to the rhythm of traffic in Vietnam

Vietnam’s leading logistics and delivery company has a new identity by M – N Associates, featuring an elegant wordmark inspired by roads and vehicles

Giao Hàng Tiet Kiệm is Vietnam’s biggest logistics and delivery service, and in 2022 was named a Vietnam National Brand – a programme that recognises and endorses leading Vietnamese companies.

As it embarks on the next phase of its journey, the company has rebranded to GHTK, complete with a new strategy and identity developed by M – N Associates, an agency based in Ho Chi Minh City.

Comparison image showing the old GHTK branding on the left, featuring a cartoon figure carrying a box, and the new GHTK branding, including a smiling cartoon face for a logo and a black wordmark with curved cutout details, against a green background
Comparison of the old logo and wordmark, shown left, and the new version

As part of the overhaul, the courier mascot that was previously used by the brand has been revised to focus on its smiling face, making it more suitable for digital touchpoints as well as reinforcing a sense of customer satisfaction.

An additional range of characters with different expressions and accessories has been created to illustrate the various GHTK sub-brands, from Logistics to Academy, and the character also appears in a suite of emoji-like designs.

Image showing a motion blur photo of a vehicle and brake lights. Beneath the photo are two shades of green and an orange, which are drawn from the motion blur photo above it

There are playful nods to the traffic in Vietnam throughout the visual identity. The logotype contains references to the shape of a motorcycle wheel, the narrow alleyways that carve through neighbourhoods, and the curvatures of Vietnam’s transforming road infrastructure.

The palette is inspired by the glow of the vehicles that light up the roads at night, while the typeface – Forma DJR in bold italics – doubles down on the sense of speed in a way that feels both relevant and contemporary. But perhaps the biggest triumph of all is the slick approach to typographic motion design, which embodies the rhythms of the traffic in Vietnam – and indicates the efficiency of GHTK’s services.

Photo of a person wearing a green jacket and a green helmet, both featuring the new GHTK mascot, a smiling cartoon face wearing a cap. The brand's website address is layered over the photo in black text with a white border

Blurred photo of a person wearing a green helmet featuring the new GHTK mascot of a smiling cartoon face wearing a helmet

Photo of a stack of cardboard boxes covered in green tape featuring the new GHTK branding, including a black uppercase wordmark featuring cut out details on the letters