Gideon Baws

We were immensely sad to learn today of the death of Gideon Baws from animation directing team Shynola.

We were immensely sad to learn today of the death of Gideon Baws from animation directing team Shynola.

Gideon, who was 33, died in the US where he had been on holiday. Early reports suggested this had happened on Saturday night in Los Angeles, but we now learn that this may not have been the case (this story has been updated to reflect that). As yet we do not have confirmation of the exact circumstances of this tragic event.

The four members of Shynola – Gideon, Jason Groves, Chris Harding and Richard Kenworthy – met at the Kent Institute of Art and Design where they were studying illustration and film. As Shynola, they created some of the most memorable music videos of recent times, their work characterised often by a warm wit matched with great skill and invention. Animator David O’Reilly has posted a warm tribute to Gideon here while others are paying their respects at Antville

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sympathies to Jason, Chris and Richard and to everyone who knew Gideon. A selection of Shynola work is shown below

Blur, Good Song

UNKLE, An Eye For An Eye

Junior Senior, Move Your Feet

More are archived here


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