giffgaff serves up a fun Halloween-themed spot

Halloween doesn’t always deliver the most inspiring advertising ideas but phone company giffgaff has returned with another fun spot this year, which instead of featuring ghosts and ghouls, plays on more contemporary fears such as the terror of when a friend tags pictures of you on social media or the alert that you’ve received yet another voicemail…

The fears featured in the spot are supposedly based on real feedback from giffgaff customers though bar the horror caused by politicians or sandals combined with socks, they are all conveniently phone-themed. This doesn’t spoil the fun though, as it’s easy to recognise, and chuckle at, the anxiety invoked by a phone battery running low, social media tags, or even – and this one definitely plays to giffgaff’s strengths as a contract-free mobile network – the dreaded two-year phone contract.


Director Ninian Doff does a great job of matching horror movie imagery with comedy in the spot. “It was really funny to film these ‘unscary’ things with the same drama and tension you would film a scene with a knife-wielding maniac or a blood-thirsty zombie,” he says.

“I don’t know why I hate and fear checking my voicemail, but I really do get stressed out when I see that alert coming up!” he continues. “This is what I loved when I read the list of giffgaff member fears – it’s really amusing, and relatable, to see the strange fears we’ve developed of supposedly normal and dull things in modern life.”

This is the third year in a row that giffgaff has created a Halloween-themed spot, after 2013’s swimming pool gore-fest Different Takes Guts, and last year’s zombie-themed number.

Agency: giffgaff in-house
Director: Ninian Doff
Production company: Pulse Films
Post: Big Buoy Post Production

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