Gill Sans UltraBold: Funniest typeface around?

In movieland there’s one surefire typeface for all things funny. Here’s how Gill Sans UltraBold became the unlikely king of comedy.

Gill Sans – arguably the most quintessentially British of all British typefaces, renowned for its simple, humanist aesthetic– conjures up images of bucolic shop fronts, quaint railway stations, national institutions and mid-century book covers. Yet the classical proportions of type designer Eric Gill’s most celebrated creation belie an unlikely penchant for comedy.

The Humour issue

CR gets serious about being funny featuring
Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, Lisa McGee,
Naresh Ramchandani, David Kolbusz, Roz Chast,
Emily Oberman, Asterix, Stephen Collins,
Dominic Wilcox and the DLR

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