Giorgia Lupi joins Pentagram NY as its newest partner

Pentagram NY has appointed the information designer as Partner – the design studio’s first since 2012

Image by Jake Chessum

Information designer Giorgia Lupi has joined Pentagram New York as its newest Partner, seven years after Emily Oberman and Natasha Jen were last made Partners at the design studio.

Pentagram NY’s first Partner that specialises in data visualisation, Lupi joins from information design firm Accurat, which she co-founded in 2011. With offices in New York and Milan, under Lupi Accurat became known for its personable approach to data visualisation, and attracted clients such as Google, IBM, MoMA, Gucci, Starbucks, the UN and the LVMH Group.

Lupi brings with her an approach that is data-driven but, crucially, human-centred, prioritising paper and postcards over pristine graphics. The move marks the design studio’s continued effort to push beyond traditional graphic design in favour of a more informed, expansive branch of design, as seen with the sound and experience designer Yuri Suzuki’s appointment last year.

Bruises―The Data We Don’t See, developed in collaboration with Kaki King, 2017. Giorgia Lupi
Visual Data – La Lettura, Corriere della Sera, 2012-2014. Giorgia Lupi

“Data can be a lens, a filter to parse the stories of a brand, of an institution, of a community of people, and then as a design material for communication design projects of different kinds,” Lupi says. “In this sense, I work with data that clients might have already gathered, as well as exploring new types of data that can be unearthed to tell more hand-crafted stories.”

Lupi has previously led a TED Talk on her humanistic approach to data, and she has also been recognised in creative award schemes such as Cannes Lions and Milan Design Week.

Dear Data – in collaboration with Stefanie Posavec, 2014-2015. Giorgia Lupi. All images courtesy of Pentagram