Girl Outside the Pizzeria at Night

Personal work by Andy Lo Pò

“After a long and largely unsuccessful day attempting to shoot an ancient horse race in Sardinia, I decided to call it a day and Antonio (my assistant) and I left Sedillo for Santu Lussurgiu where we were staying the night,” Lo Pò says.

Girl outside the pizzeria at night, by Andy Lo Pò

“We ended up in a local pizzeria discussing the day’s events where we were suddenly blessed by the presence of this child who seemed very knowing and on the brink of adolescence. She was playing with her friends even though it was 10:30pm at night. We got chatting to the owners of the restaurant and discovered she was one of their daughters. I asked if I could take some portraits of her outside in the lane and they happily obliged.”, @andy_lo_po


Milton Keynes