Graphic shows the new Girlguiding branding featuring a white tree emblem on a dark blue background

Girlguiding unveils redesign across Brownies, Rainbows, and more

Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, and Rangers have been given a new look by Landor & Fitch in time for International Women’s Day

Youth organisation Girlguiding has revealed new branding across all four of its programmes – Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, and Rangers – as well as the Girlguiding brand itself.

The new look was carried out by Landor & Fitch, which was set the task of creating a new identity that would balance the organisation’s history and legacy with its future-facing ambitions.

As such, many elements are similar to before but with subtle tweaks. For instance, the colour palettes associated with Brownies, Guides, and Rainbows remain in keeping with past designs. The Girlguiding trefoil logo has also been carried over, but the new version is more uniform and symmetrical.

Graphic shows the new Brownies branding, featuring a brown wordmark with a magnifying glass, on a yellow background
Graphic shows the new Rangers branding, featuring a pale pink wordmark with triangles in the shape of mountains above it, on a purple background

A large part of the project was creating an overall master brand that each section could sit under for consistency reasons, and there seems to be an emphasis on uniformity as a result.

The redesign leans on icons to distinguish each programme rather than devices such as typography, which was used so well for Scouts’ Squirrels programme, but which is largely the same across the board here.

Graphic shows the new Rainbows branding, featuring a red wordmark with a rainbow above it, on a light blue background
Graphic shows the new Guides branding, featuring a pale blue wordmark with a star attached to the 'G', on a dark blue background

The project has been in the pipeline since 2018, when it became clear that the branding needed to be updated if it’s going to appeal to volunteers, investors, and the 300,000 girls in the UK who currently take part in its programmes.

“We’ve been creating unforgettable, empowering experiences for girls for over a century,” said Amanda Azeez, director of communications, marketing and fundraising at Girlguiding. “To enable us to continue in our mission and reach even more girls and volunteers, we needed to look at how we’ve evolved over this time and address outdated perceptions holding us back.”

The new design identity will be used across badges, stationary, and icons, and will launch as part of a campaign led by VCCP Media.

Graphic shows the new Girlguiding branding featuring a white tree emblem on a dark blue background