GirlvsCancer partners with BBH on powerful campaign

To coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the provocative campaign addresses the effect cancer can have on intimacy and sex in a bid to tackle the stigma

One in two of us are predicted to get cancer in our lifetime and up to 90% of people experience some type of sexual dysfunction post cancer diagnosis compared to 30-40% of the general population.

To raise awareness around this rarely talked about issue, community-led charity GirlvsCancer has partnered with BBH to launch a provocative campaign that puts the cancer community’s sexual health and pleasure front and centre.

The hero of the campaign is a series of OOH images created by BBH and photographer Katie Burdon. Intimate, close crop nudes of women who have experienced cancer appear alongside the powerful line: Cancer won’t be the last thing that f*cks me.

Three films, directed by Sophia Ray, also form part of the campaign, and they feature women talking about their cancer journey and rediscovering their sexuality. Again they intend to subvert “conventional narratives around cancer” by presenting unexpected, defiant and empowered stories.

A social campaign is set to run alongside, with illustrators including Anthony Burrill, Marylou Faure, Kelly Anna, Kris Andrew Small, and more creating their own interpretations of the campaign concept, which will be featured on GirlvsCancer’s social media.

“Every single woman in cancer care deserves to get the help they need, but for myriad reasons, often aren’t able to ask for it,” says Helen Rhodes, ECD at BBH. “Our approach might make some people uncomfortable and that’s fine. As long as it gets people talking, we know that’s the most effective way to kickstart change.”

The films will be online from October 19 and the OOH campaign will run in various London sites from October 23.

Agency: BBH
Production Company: Academy Films
Photographer: Katie Burdon
Director: Sophia Ray