Give us a forward slash

GAP’s new Christmas viral is objectionable for many reasons but a missed ‘forward slash’ in the list of cheery numbers the GAP dance troupe performs, gives their message a whole new meaning

GAP’s new Christmas viral – where you can email various seasonal ‘chants’ as performed by a dance troupe to your friends – is objectionable for many reasons, most of which explain themselves when you click on this link. (Be warned, it will take you several hours to recover your equanimity).

But a missed ‘forward slash’ in their list of cheery numbers, gives their message a whole new meaning.

Take the two ‘chant’ names, “Good luck with that bird” (a chant about cooking your Christmas dinner) and “You office party hardied” (a chant about embarrassing yourself at the office party).

Run the two phrases together, as the Cheer Factory site unfortunately does, and you have something that sounds a little ruder:

Give us a P. Give us an R. Give us an O. Give us an O. Give us an F. Give us an R. Give us an E. Give us an A. Give us a D. Give us an I. Give us an N. Give us a G.

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

This post originally appeared on the Asbury & Asbury blog.

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