Go.Compare undergoes rebrand by Ragged Edge

The full rebrand aims to leverage the brand’s fame and persuade more people to actively choose it over other comparison sites

Back in 2022, the price comparison website Go Compare announced a name change to Go.Compare, as a way to fuse its brand name with a new domain name. Previously, users would have to type in gocompare.com, but the idea was to simplify the process even more by having the brand name as the URL.

While an updated logo has been in use since then, a full rebrand, strategy and website design by branding agency Ragged Edge has now been shared. Go.Compare is the market leader, with 97% awareness, but the brand felt its fame wasn’t enough in a competitive field so the agency’s task was to persuade people to actively choose them.

Being the only comparison site accredited by BIBA, and with a multitude of choices on offer to users, Ragged Edge has positioned the brand as ‘Champions of Choice’.

To reflect this, the new identity puts mascot Gio Compario at the heart, “exaggerating his distinctive features in cartoon form to create a charming choice champion”.

With stock imagery popular in this category, the team felt it was important to extend the illustrative style to a suite of images for different applications. These have been created in collaboration with illustrator Rami Niemi, and with added animated elements they help bring the brand’s insurance products to life.

Beyond this a new tone of voice has been introduced, adding “relatable wit” across its communications. A bespoke typeface expresses this and has been designed to echo the warmth and personality of the illustrations.

The logotype also mirrors this, with the agency opting to make the most of the ‘Go’ in the brand name by using a green colour (‘green for go’), alongside a soft pastel palette.

Working with the internal brand team, Ragged Edge’s final task was to help translate the reimagined Gio on TV, billboards and on social to create a “joined-up, scalable experience”.