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In the hierarchy of graphic design books, the humble logo compendium often comes in somewhere down the bottom: they can be heavy-going, uninspiring tomes that, by their very nature, seem disorderly and lacking in any uniformity


Not so with Logo, a new book by Michael Evamy that has been handsomely designed by Spin.

“There’s a bit of a boom in books on graphic design but a lot are a bit disappointing in terms of content and presentation,” says Logo’s designer, Ian Macfarlane of Spin. “We tried to create something that was reflective of the subject matter but had a visual and tactile appeal too. The structure of the book has driven the design – the dust jacket [featuring 300 logos] also doubles as a poster which outlines the category framework.”

The book itself includes 1300 logos and marques, all grouped according to their most noticeable visual features, form and symbolic nature, with additional text on the design behind each one. The emphasis here is on shape, so the logos are largely depicted in black and white; a level playing field on which to judge their success.

“We knew that navigation was going to be issue,” adds Macfarlane, “so as well as being an attractive object, we felt that the book had to be functional so that it could be used effectively as a reference book.” Interestingly, he adds, “the navigation devices were particularly influenced by Wolfgang Weingart’s work for The International Art Fair.”

Logo by Michael Evamy is published next month by Laurence King at £19.95.


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