Going, Going, Gone Red! – The Partners – 17.08

To help raise money for London’s children’s hospice, Richard House, The Partners collaborated with over 100 of Britain’s top illustrators in an unusual project based around the parlour game ‘exquisite corpse’, which invites players to create a section of a drawing before passing it onto others to complete.

The illustrators taking part in the project, which included James Joyce, Tom Gauld, Supermundane, and Wallzo, each contributed a unique print to the website. All of the images were created in the colour red, to remain in keeping with Richard House’s broader fundraising campaign Go Red!, which encourages participants to raise money for the charity by doing almost anything, such as eating, drawing, singing etc, so long as it involves the colour red. Aside from the colour though, the prints feature wildly different styles, from the intricate to the cartoon-like.

The Partners collaborated with 120 of Britain’s top illustrators, including James Joyce and Tom Gauld in a unique project based around the parlour game ‘exquisite corpse’ which invites each player to complete a section of a drawing.

The illustrations have been divided into three separate sections – heads, bodies and legs – which users of the site can combine to create their own unique image. Once happy with a drawing, visitors can buy it for just £60, with all proceeds raised on the site going to the Richard House charity. Only one print of each combination will be produced, but with 64,000 possible mixtures of heads, bodies and legs to choose from, the project has the potential to raise approximately £3.8 million. It is ongoing and at the time of going to print there are a number of unique drawings still available on the site.

See goinggoinggone-red.org


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