Gondry Bros direct weird and wonderful video for the Chemical Brothers

A 70s style dance party turns delightfully weird in this video for track Got To Keep On, directed by Michel and Olivier Gondry

The Chemical Brothers’ new video sees the band reunited with Michel Gondry, the director behind their now classic videos for tracks Star Guitar and Let Forever Be.

This time though Michel is joined by his brother Olivier at the director’s helm. The video for Got To Keep On starts off simply, with a scene reminiscent of 70s music show Soul Train playing out against a stark black background. To be honest, nowadays that would probably be enough to create a shareable video, but happily the Brothers Gondry don’t leave it there and instead, as the video progresses, bring some of their distinctive surrealness to the fore too. Lovely stuff.

Directors: Michel Gondry & Olivier Gondry
Production Company: Partizan