Dizzie branding by Nice and Serious

Nice and Serious rebrands zero waste supermarket Good Club as Dizzie

The agency was tasked with capturing the pleasure and potential of reusable packaging and refillable groceries for a mainstream audience

Zero waste online supermarket Good Club has rebranded to Dizzie with the help of creative agency Nice and Serious. Founded in 2019, the retailer specialises in ethical and sustainable groceries, offering customers an easy way to minimise the impact of their purchases.

As Good Club has grown and its ambitions have changed, the team commissioned Nice and Serious to find a look and feel that was more upbeat and eye-catching, and the updated visuals are certainly hard to ignore. A bold primary colour palette of pink and red gives the brand a sense of fun and friendliness, while secondary colours, such as blue, purple and yellow, add extra vibrancy to packaging and imagery.

This palette is accompanied by an array of endearing illustrations by artist Anthony Orozco that include silhouettes of refillable food items on pot labels, and a cast of playful brand mascots composed of the pots themselves. Encouraging potential and existing customers to utilise Dizzie’s refill options – a core part of the company’s mission and a bigger focus this time around – was one of the main objectives for Nice and Serious.

Speaking of the challenge, the agency’s creative director, Peter Larkin, says, “We wanted to elevate the experience out of the eco-clichés, and onto the shelves of everyday customers across the UK…. From the simplified product illustrations through to the Dizzie ‘whoosh’ and brand mascot, we created an identity full of movement and character.”

Finally, to reinforce the idea that refills can be fun, rewarding, and hassle-free, the agency developed an upbeat tone of voice to reflect this: “For the tone of voice, we set out to conjure up those little joyful moments that are totally unique to the refill experience,” explains Larkin. “So whilst being familiar (and sometimes frank) was important, it also meant using words to surprise and satisfy. Our motto was to channel ‘written ASMR’.”

As such, Dizzie’s messaging employs alliteration and onomatopoeia to “mimic the sound of refillable goods being poured, pumped and replenished”. The rhythmic nature of this circular system, which goes “around and around, again and again”, is cleverly captured in the new brand tagline: ‘Get Dizzie with it’.