Good-Loop rebrand Hato

A stylish new look for sustainable media brand Good-Loop

Created by Hato, the visual identity aims to demystify the sustainable ad tech platform’s work by appealing to both consumers and businesses

Founded in 2016, Good-Loop was born out of a desire to rethink online advertising and create more engaged audiences, a better experience for users, and a long-term source of funding for good causes. Since then, the sustainable ad tech platform has worked with brands ranging from Kit-Kat to Coca-Cola, and partnered with charities including Wateraid, WWF, and Save the Children.

While concepts such as charitable ad formats and sustainable ad tech efficiencies are abstract to most audiences, the media brand’s new visual identity seeks to introduce businesses and consumers to what it calls ‘Good-Media™’ – a category of media that drives positive results for people and the planet.

“I first created Good-Loop’s visual identity on Photoshop in my bedroom when the business was still mostly an idea,” says founder and CEO, Amy Williams. The company’s new branding system has been led by Kenjiro Kirton, co-founder and creative director at Hato.

Taking cues from charities, NGOs and tech brands to find a visual language that speaks equally to consumers and B2B audiences, the new identity is centred around the hyphen at the heart of Good-Loop’s name.

Good-Loop rebrand Hato

The punctuation mark is now used as a dynamic window device to spotlight client content and demonstrate the versatility of the category. Meanwhile, the new logo takes the form of a stamp-like symbol that will be used as a mark of accreditation within the paid media space.

“While the act of ‘doing good’ is technically simple, it’s increasingly complicated given the complex nature of the media ecosystem,” says Good-Loop CMO, Marisa Thomas. “And that’s something our new brand aims to solve, helping us distinguish advertising that proactively does ‘good’ via a distinctive symbol which we can utilise as a stamp of approval, [creating] a signifier to consumers everywhere that this piece of content has a meaningful impact.”

A refreshed colour palette focuses on the brand’s signature red hue, which is designed to stand out against a secondary palette of solid black and off-white, as well as providing a point of difference to the shades of green often seen in the sustainable tech market.

A humanistic choice of typeface, ABC Social, comes with small design touches such as rounded detailing, while the brand’s more confident and smarter tone of voice is neatly summarised by its new tagline: ‘They’re Ads, Except They’re Good’.

Good-Loop rebrand Hato