How Good Measures is challenging clinical Covid signage

A new company dedicated to post-pandemic wayfinding has released a set of vinyl signs designed to help rather than hector

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues apace, companies are finally starting to replace their hastily drawn signs and gaffer-taped floors with more elegant design solutions. With businesses on the hunt for signage that can direct people without lecturing or scaring them, a space has opened up for a new approach to wayfinding.

Good Measures, a company established during lockdown, is taking advantage of this new need. It was set up by vinyl print house Puck Studio and interior design company InterestingProjects, who found themselves coming together to explore ways to tackle the clinical and unwelcoming signage that popped up everywhere after the arrival of Covid.


“We realised pretty quickly that people would need social-distancing signs and we started to see the usual hazard-style, health-and-safety versions cropping up in various places,” explains Puck Studio director Dave Gibbons.

“The problem is that not only does this tend to be a bit depressing, but there is so much of this sort of signage around that it becomes white noise, and loses its impact as a result.”

The Good Measures range includes everything from a smiley-faced reminder to maintain two metres distance, to ‘please sanitise here’ signs and sticky floor rulers and patterned tape. They’re purposefully designed to work in any type of business, and can also be customised.