Good messy fun from Petit Bateau

This fun new ad for Petit Bateau sees a kid, and his cute dog, put his favourite breton top through a series of challenges that only a small child could conjure up.

Petit Bateau

The message behind this ad is nothing particularly new – essentially it’s just saying that Petit Bateau clothes are hard-wearing and wash well. But the fun comes as our hero is shown stretching, tearing and suctioning up the top with a vacuum cleaner as well and getting covered in everything from mud to jam.

Petit Bateau
Petit Bateau
Petit Bateau

Set to Plastic Bertrand’s song Ça plane pour moi, it’s impossible not to smile at the antics on show (even if the top does manage to stay looking quite remarkably box fresh throughout), especially when the doggie gets involved too.

Agency: BETC Paris
Chief Creative Officer: Rémi Babinet
Creative Director: Damien Bellon
Creatives: Juri Zaech, Albert Yvert, Samuel Moore, Juri Zaech
Production Company: Control
Director: Luis Cervero

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