Still from Google Small Business animated campaign

Google celebrates small business superheroes in animated shorts

The tech giant has launched a new campaign with a set of films by animator and designer Karin Fong

For International Small Business Week, Google has launched a celebratory campaign spotlighting three business owners who “battled the odds to build a dream”.

The stories of three individuals – Dr Cindy Ayers Elliot, Lynn Le, and DJ Vourderis – have been brought to life in a series of films by animator and designer Karin Fong, who has worked on the title designs of a broad array of films for the best part of three decades.

One of her more recent projects, Spiderman: No Way Home, no doubt stood her in good stead for the comic book-style Google campaign, which elevates the daily trials and tribulations faced by small business owners – like “archaic bureaucracy, shadowy naysayers, and endless curveballs” – into a dramatic action series. Their stories are narrated and scored by music artist and entrepreneur Tobe Nwigwe.

Led by ad agency Omelet, the campaign was created to launch Google’s financial support initiative in which ten small business owners will each be awarded $10,000 to support their venture.