Google Street View: destination the Editors new album

To promote In This Light And On This Evening the new album by its band Editors, Sony Music has turned to an unlikely media channel: Google Street View…

To promote In This Light And On This Evening the new album by its band Editors, Sony Music has turned to an unusual media channel: Google Street View…

This is how it works: a cleverly hacked version of Google Street View allows users to preview tracks from the album in the areas of London that inspired them. As well as being able to move around as you would in the normal Google Street View, there are red arrows to find in nine different London locations (one for each track of the album) that each point to a location off the road – click it to find custom panoramic photographs of the band, shot at night by photographer James Royall.

“The images feature the band and a group of their fans performing surreal activities which have cryptic meanings relating to the songs,” explains Phil Clandillon, creative director at Sony Music. “The locations are normally unavailable on the regular Street View,” he continues. “Our modified version of Google Maps allows users to enter into these locations and make the transition from light to dark so fans can explore the band’s atmospheric vision of London at night.”

Here’s a YouTube film showing how the app in action:

“The custom panoramas were shot by photographer James Royall in multiple parts using a 180 degree fish-eye lens, and stitched together using a piece of software called PTGui,” explains Clandillon. “The modified version of Google Maps uses a custom Flash and JavaScript wrapper which employs some clever hacks on top of the Google Maps and Street View APIs. The project is a collaboration between Editors, Kitchenware Records and Steve Milbourne and myself. Programming was by Davex in Edinburgh, UK.”

To check the app out yourself (and preview the Editors new album), visit


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