Google: Teach from Home website

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Teach from Home is a rapid-response project created by Google to help teachers and schools adapt quickly to the sudden school closures that happened around the world as a result of the coronavirus crisis. 

Teaching from home requires a different approach to teaching at school, so Google created a temporary hub of tools and resources to help teachers continue their classes remotely. 

At a time when everyone was adjusting to new ways of communicating remotely and looking at ways of teaching students, the Teach from Home site offered information pitched at three different groups: teachers, schools, and families/carers. It then gave tips on how to use Google’s products specific to each group. 

The initial toolkit went live in seven languages within four days of schools closing, and was followed up shortly after with a fully integrated website in 23 languages. The site received more than 21.5 million hits in the first month, with an average dwell time of over seven minutes.