Google unveils ads for its new phone, setting its sights firmly on Apple

Today, Google released an ad for its new phone, which will likely make you think of Apple.

Google Pixel phone ad

Google has released an ad for its new phone, the Pixel, which features the tagline ‘Life by you, Phone by Google’. The spot, created by Droga5 New York, features strong visuals and music, and will undoubtedly draw comparisons with Apple’s iPhone and iPod marketing.

Google started teasing the new phone back in September, with an enigmatic film, shown below, showing the familiar Google search bar slowly morphing into the shape of a phone. And the same visual technique is used across the teaser posters for the phone too:

Google Pixel phone ad
Google Pixel phone ad

This style continues in the new ad, but is set against a richly changing visual backdrop this time. The focus on the search engine is also emphasised by a voiceover by two kids at the start of the ad, who ponder out loud what something might be, before concluding they should ‘Ask Google’.

From the new ad, viewers are driven to a website,, where you can discover the price point and specs of the phone, all of which suggest that Google are directly going up against Apple here, clearly trying to take a chunk out of the iPhone market. The site reveals other new products too – a VR set and Google Home, a voice controlled wireless speaker that echoes – ahem – the Amazon Echo.

Google Pixel phone ad
Stills from the new ad
Google Pixel phone ad

The launch is a big splash, with marketing appearing across Australia, Canada, Germany, India, the UK and US. The campaign marks the first-ever Snapchat take over too, with 20 custom videos running across various features on the social media channel for 24 hours.

Google’s focus on its search engine is clever – as this is something that we all do virtually every day, it is a strong position to base a new launch upon, focusing on a quality that is definitely distinctive to Google. I just wish the rest of the campaign had gone its own way too, rather than choosing to plunder the Apple marketing toolkit, vastly successful as it may be.

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