DixonBaxi subverts power imbalances with its GoTyme Bank identity

In an attempt to give customers more autonomy over their money, the agency has created an accessible and optimistic identity for the digital bank

DixonBaxi GoTyme Logo

Branding agency DixonBaxi has partnered with Johannesburg-based Tyme Bank to create branding for a new fintech brand in the Philippines called GoTyme Bank. Designed to help “democratise financial services” in the country, the branding for GoTyme reflects the company’s commitment to openness, accessibility and empowerment.

Following extensive market research, the team at DixonBaxi realised that, for most Filipinos, these were the main values missing from their current banking experiences. As such, they opted for a human-focused approach, centring the customer within the experience and allowing them to take control of their finances.

GoTyme branding by DixonBaxi
GoTyme branding by DixonBaxi

“We wanted to create a visual identity that made people feel optimistic about their money,” says Tassia Swulinska, lead designer at DixonBaxi. “Finances can be daunting so we crafted an experience that felt simple and easy, creating fluid moments of delight and clarity with every element.”

Working with a primary colour palette of blue, grey and charcoal, and a secondary palette of pink, purple and yellow, the team developed an aesthetic that can be both cool and calm and, when needed, bold and bright.

GoTyme branding by DixonBaxi
DixonBaxi GoTyme Welcome Back

The latter helps emphasise certain features within the app and allows customers to quickly and effectively engage with breakdowns of saving goals. Motion design brings all of these higher-energy “moments” to life, encouraging the user and ensuring that they “feel seen”.

At the core of the new brand system is the GoTyme logo, which serves as “a visual representation of the progress and power the bank helps people attain”. Motion has also been applied here, creating small segments that come together to form the wordmark and highlight the steps involved in reaching a financial goal, as well as the “big results” waiting at the end.

GoTyme branding by DixonBaxi
GoTyme branding by DixonBaxi

This is complemented by the brand tagline, ‘It all adds up’, which speaks to GoTyme’s financial perks, including high interest rates and rewards, and the clarity the bank offers on typically opaque and complex financial processes.

Speaking on the power and potential of GoTyme, and its new brand system, Swulinska concludes: “The GoTyme Bank identity sets the tone for a new financial future – one that is human-centric and transparent – shaping a better way forward, not only for customers in the Philippines, but for everyone.”