Government of Tuvalu: The First Digital Nation campaign

Created by The Monkeys as a way to help Tuvalu’s Minister Simon Kofe deliver a wake-up call to world leaders at Cop27, this campaign is a Winner in the Craft and Technical Innovation category, and also won an Honourable Mention in PR

Low-lying atoll nation Tuvalu is on the frontline of climate change impact – likely to be submerged in a matter of decades if nothing changes. But rising sea levels impact more than just Tuvalu’s land; Tuvalu would also lose its legal status as a country. The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song, was challenged to help Tuvalu’s Minister Simon Kofe deliver a wake-up call to world leaders during his Cop27 speech.

During the event, Tuvalu announced its radical plan for survival: to become the world’s first digital nation. This would allow it to preserve its history and culture, as well as its essential government services and legal status. The haunting Cop27 announcement was delivered from the first part of the digital nation. Every element of the film, from the speech itself to its eerie digital setting, was intended to be a chilling reminder that a virtual home could never truly replace Tuvalu.

Though the film only aired once at Cop27, it reached 2.1 billion people, achieving coverage in 186 media publications across Australia and New Zealand, and 173 publications internationally, including the New York Times and BBC. It also trended on Twitter and TikTok, while the site gained traffic from 118 countries within 48 hours of launch.

The initiative contributed to a landmark agreement to establish a dedicated fund to pay for the destruction caused by climate change. It also supported Tuvalu’s ongoing fight for digital sovereignty.

Tuvaluan lawyers are continuing to use the digital nation to argue for statehood without a physical territory. This allows them an ongoing voice on the world stage, supporting international voting rights and the protection of maritime borders.

The Government of Tuvalu: The First Digital Nation
Winner: Craft and Technical Innovation
Honourable Mention: PR
Entrant: The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song
Agency: The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song
Co-Founder & Group CEO: Mark Green
Co-Founder & Group Chief Creative Officer: Scott Nowell
General Manager: Kezia Quinn
Chief Creative Officer: Tara Ford
Executive Creative Director: Barbara Humphries
Head of Innovation: Beth O’Brien
Creative Directors: Cameron Bell, Sam Dickson
Senior Art Director: Alex Polglase
Senior Copywriter: Jake Ausburn
Head of Production: Penny Brown
Digital Producer: Tamara Wohl
Digital Design Lead: Eva Godeny
Head of Planning: Hugh Munro
GTM & Strategy Director, Sustainability Studio: Lucy Sundberg
Production House: Collider
Director: Glenn Stewart
EP/Producer: Karen Bryson
Managing Director: Rachael Ford-Davies
Post Production: Collider Studio
3D Animation: Glenn Stewart
Additional VFX: Joseph Harper
Colourist: Matt Fezz
PR: Thrive
CEO: Leilani Abels
Senior Account Director: Nathan McGregor
Senior Account Managers: Tess McDonald, Anna Laskaris
Senior Account Executive: Maddy Beck
Account Coordinators: Sarah Nguyen, Sophie Thomason
Tech Lead: Surya Winata
React Developers: Jasmine The, Steve Deng
Music and Sound: MassiveMusic
Creative Director: Ryan Dickinson
Composer: Haydn Walker
Sound Design: Simon Kane
Executive Producer: Katrina Aquilia