Graduate shows 09: Liverpool School of Art & Design

CR couldn’t attend the Liverpool School of Art & Design degree show – so we picked out some highlights from the show catalogue they kindly sent us…

Unfortunately CR couldn’t attend the Liverpool School of Art & Design degree show but kindly they sent over a catalogue of their graduating Graphic Arts students.

The front cover of the catalogue.

Here are some of our favourites:

Jas Bhachu‘s Rubik’s Cube Font Generator was featured on the CR blog in May.

These charming illustrations named ‘Kids Stuff’ by Hannah Bown is focused on the theme of ‘children getting dressed’ which was about creating an identity for an independent children’s clothes shop.

Trouble Records by Rebecca Cross is based on her idea of a description she found of the record label’s music style: Skew Wiff Disco with each disc of the series is named after each word.

Poster by Phil Kiel and graphic design underneath by Ian Town. We also saw Phil Kiel’s work at the KK Outlet earlier in the week.

Cinema Redux by Katy Foster. The text at the bottom of the poster explains “ALMOST FAMOUS – Cinema Redux: Movie Soundtrack – Almost Famous has a soundtrack of over 50 different songs. Here is a visual diagram of the entire movie soundtrack each colour representing a different song. The white spaces indicates where no music is played.”

This series of poster – Process of Reading by Adam Robson “visualize the process of reading through a mix of abstract mark making and real world model making”

Grey Matter is a book by Rob Reed. He says “Grey Matter is a book all about the beauty and aesthetics of concrete structures and the spectrum of colours that are conveyed within concrete, this feeling has been attained through a wealth of different shades of grey and different textured and weights of paper. As well as playing with the shapes and formation of certain concrete forms inside geometric shapes, which gives the book more of a cohesive feel”

Tooth and Nail samplers by Harry Nesbit are a series of CD cases made out of card. They explore the narrative of a young musician through a numbers of surroundings. Nesbit says “I also used this opportunity to experiment with the use of shadow and a modular isometric drawing style”



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