Gradwatch 2017: Origin by Birmingham City University BA (Hons) Photography

The graduating class of Birmingham City University’s BA (Hons) Photography course put up a group show titled Origin at Free Range in London. Featured here are some of the students that stood out to us

Sioban Francis

For Origin, Sioban Francis presented a body of work that contrasts Christian worship with dancehall culture. She has successfully translated a personal journey into a series that is aesthetically striking and uses her subjective position to provide a unique cultural insight. Her images were displayed along with audio recordings from those worlds and objects like musical instruments, posters and clothing, all of which provided the viewer with an immersive experience.

“Being adopted I am always interested in exploring subjects that revolve around my identity. This project revisits my upbringing in a strict christian apostolic church, contrasted with a dancehall culture that was experienced through an abusive ex.” explains Francis, “Exploring their origins I found both tied with Kumina an african belief and religion.”

Jessie Rose

Fashion photographer Jessie Rose’s work is provocative and playful. Her aesthetic feels quite current and on-trend, but a signature mood of defiance seems to run through all her work. She uses a chaotic, cluttered aesthetic to play with the theme of coming-of-age sexuality.; @jessierosee 

Klaudia Morgalla

Intimate, sensitive and insightful, Morgalla’s documentary work introduces viewers to the inside world of Polish mothers and working women living the West Midlands. Much of her work revolves around studying the life of Polish expats living in the UK, and appreciating the role of women in these communities.; @klaudiamorgallaphotography

Markel Knight

For Origin, Knight had up images from a body of work titled Destitute Residences. As the name suggests the series documents the make shift living arrangements of homeless people in Birmingham. The way his photographs were ‘framed’ drove the message home further.; @markelknight


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