Gradwatch 2017: Chelsea Graphic Design Communication

Chelsea’s graphics degree show is always one of the most exciting around: we check out this year’s crop of grads

When it comes to degree shows, Chelsea graphics students have a pretty good deal with a purpose-built gallery space in the centre of the college’s campus, right next to Tate Britain. The content, however, usually lives up to the space and the show has become a must-see for CR.

This year, I really enjoyed Ella Oliver‘s film, Perfect, which uses found footage to comment on attitudes to female beauty and body shape.

A Comforting Moment from Molly Austin is “a personal installation to lift my spirits or calm me down at times when I am feeling the effects of my diagnosed depression and anxiety disorders”. Press the fluffy mouse and reassuring messages appear on screen.

Anna Smith’s We The Tenants project tells the stories of people living in social housing. It projects handwritten quotes from residents of the Aylesbury Estate onto the blocks “to counteract the demonisation of social housing by non-residents”. Something which, in the light of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, feels very prescient.

Dana Hanna‘s It’s Monday Till It’s Friday is “a satirical critique of popular culture always living for the weekend and dreading Mondays”. Check out her calendar on Instagram @mondaytillfriday

And finally, Why Do You Procrastinate by Alice Baird features a beautifully-made game exploring perceptions about time and punctuality. Users are asked to place a ballbearing on the board and, by pushing down the board’s tilting surface, navigate it into one of four holes. Each hole is colour-coded and corresponds to a set of cards which assess your personality type.

This is just a personal selection of the many great projects on show – more here


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