Lizzie Abbott

Gradwatch 2017: Manchester School of Art Degree Show

As degree season kicks off, CR will be visiting as many graduation shows as is humanly possible and bringing you our highlights of each. To begin, here is our five picks of work from the Manchester School of Art show.

The quality of the work at the Manchester School of Art show is in general very high, and covers everything from fine art to graphic design, architecture to interactive arts. If you’re in the area, go see it for yourself. But if not, here is our five faves from the work on show.

First up, from the Fine Art Degree Show, I was drawn to the masks and characters in Lizzie Abbott’s films (still shown top):

I also liked how Abbott displayed her work in the space:

Lizzie Abbott

Over in Photography, I liked the work of Paul Cliff, particularly his display of shiny black works…

Paul Cliff

…which came to life when photographed with a flash. Good Instagram fun.

Paul Cliff

In a photo book also in the show, Cliff explores how “man and machine collide” in a series of photos of road signs and debris caused by automobiles.

Paul Cliff
Paul Cliff

From the Illustration with Animation course, I liked the work of Saffa Khan:

And from the same course, I enjoyed the photographs/digital drawings of Peter McEwan:

Who also has some lovely traditional illustration on his website too.

Finally, from the Graphic Design course I liked the analogue playfulness of Isobel Platt, in particular her machine which is a “visual representation of my working methodology; this is what I churn out using my hands-on making process. The machine and concertina book are made entirely of offcuts.”

To see work by more of this year’s graduates, go to Or better still, go and see the show itself.