Gradwatch 2018: Creative Ieuan Lewis, Kingston University

Graphic Design graduate Ieuan Lewis is one of the 10 creatives we have picked to feature in our annual Gradwatch showcase; putting the spotlight on art and design graduates who we feel produce outstanding work

Posters for a proposed festival to celebrate the heritage of motor racing in Bexhill. The posters combine colour swatches from the Bexhill Museum and shapes inspired by the design of the Bexhill Seapollet car. A collaboration with Scott Coleman

Ieuan Lewis’s portfolio spans prints, furniture, textiles and animation. Projects range from a conceptual installation highlighting the gruelling conditions in sweatshops to a play mat that doubles as a literacy teaching aid and an animated film about an Inuit living in Alaska. His work demonstrates strong concepts and equally strong executions – showing a creative thinker who isn’t afraid to experiment with new mediums.

Creative Review: What sparked your interest in graphic design?
Ieuan Lewis: Growing up, art and design were the subjects I enjoyed and felt at home with. As a dyslexic, reading and numeracy came less easily but I loved films, comics and cartoons. It wasn’t that I wouldn’t have enjoyed reading – it just wasn’t really something I got on well with when I was young. I really enjoyed Herge’s Adventures of Tintin and I guess that the satisfaction I got from these more visual formats sparked my interest in visual communication and [later] in graphic design.



Bristol but would consider flexible working for the right candidate


Leeds or London with travel to Leeds Min 3 days a week