Gradwatch 2018: Designer Daragh Anderson, Central Saint Martins

Designer Daragh Anderson is one of 10 creatives featured in our annual Gradwatch showcase; putting the spotlight on art and design graduates who we feel have produced outstanding work

AutoGraphic, a generative design system that uses machine learning to improve itself through user interaction. (More info on the project and how it works here)

Daragh Anderson is a design and interaction graduate from Central Saint Martins. His portfolio includes creative experiments with coding, AR, VR and moving image. He also has a keen interest in science and the role design can play in communicating complex ideas.

Creative Review: What sparked your interest in graphic design?
Daragh Anderson: I’ve always been interested in the effect visual design can have in communicating more than just a surface-level functionality. I began expressing my creativity through music and being in a band professionally for a while, I picked up my interest initially by exploring visual communication through branding, moving image, album artwork and application design.

I’d spend a lot of my spare time on the tour bus reading about the various studios producing the most cutting edge visual design work and that spurred me on. The work of Eddie Opara at Pentagram, Gmunk studio, Moment Factory and the typography of Laurenz Brunner were clear influences on using design as a clear and engaging vehicle for communication – often by using cutting edge technologies to create something truly unique.


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