Gradwatch: Rachel Dixon, Visual Communication, Gray’s School of Art

“Design doesn’t feel like work to me, so i never get tired of creating”

Describe your work/style in five words:
Engaging. Bold. Bright. Considered. Multidisciplinary.

What drives your creativity/work?
I’ve always been driven, I have an incessant need to be busy and fill my time with different projects. I really enjoy a challenge and being able to push against restrictions. Design doesn’t feel like work to me so I never get tired of creating.

What idea or project of yours encapsulates your approach best?
My Reading and Leeds Festival project because I think I captured the mind-set of the audience. I try to gain as much insight and knowledge as I can in order to create campaigns that effectively communicate to the audience and urge them to interact and engage with the brand.

If you could steal a talent from three people you admire, what would you choose, from whom, (and why?)
James Jean. I really love his style of illustration and his use of digital and analogue techniques. Anton Corbijn. I would love to be able to direct and shoot like he can. Johanna Basford. She’s constantly working and projecting her craft onto different forms. I admire her tenacity.

Who would you give your right arm to work with (and why)?
Anton Corbijn. I love his work and how he uses colour or the lack of it.

What would be your dream commission/project?
Music is a huge passion of mine so I’d love to work with some of my favourite bands and create album artwork or an ad campaign for them, in particular Arcade Fire.

Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?
I would love to be working on campaigns for large brands, perhaps owning my own studio, and using new technology to create new media for advertising.

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