Gradwatch: Roanna Stallard and Max Maclean, School of Communication Arts 2.0, London

“Our approach? Playful, but backed up by intelligent thought”

Describe your work/style in five words:
Too British to compliment ourselves.

What drives your creativity/work?
Ran: A will to succeed. Max: A need to be loved.

What idea or project of yours encapsulates your approach best, (and why)?
Rennie, it’s playful, but backed up by intelligent thought.

What is the strangest thing you’ve done on a project?
Max: Had a stolen For Sale sign confiscated on the underground.
Ran: Bathed in Ready Brek.

If you could steal a talent from three people you admire, what would you choose, from whom,
(and why?)
Detective skills (Sherlock Holmes) – finding insights would be a breeze.Culinary talent (Mary Berry) – because nobody likes a soggy bottom. The ability not to give a shit what people think (from The Honey Badger) – life is better without worries.

Who would you give your right arm to work with (and why)?
A decent prosthetic surgeon – we’d need one.

What would be your dream commission/project?
Sdvertising Great Britain – it’s never been done well.

Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?
Max: Lost in massive walk-in wardrobes. Ran: Rehab, from spending ten years with Max.

How will advertising have changed in ten years’ time?
New creative directors, new audiences, new mediums … same old advertising. A great idea was a great idea ten years ago, and it will be ten years from now.


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